ALFA Monthly Feeding Program

ALFA Monthly Feeding Program

ALFA Helps Fight Children Undernutrition through a Feeding Program

Child undernutrition is prevalent across the Philippines. There is a problem and anyone who can pitch in to help should do so. This is exactly what All Food Asia Inc. had in mind when they organized a community outreach and feeding program for Maguikay Elementary School.

Feeding Program by All Food Asia Inc.

It is estimated that our country loses more than PHP 220 billion per year because of child undernutrition. This led to the launching of the “Economic Consequences of Undernutrition in the Philippines” by the UNICEF in cooperation with the Department of Health and other local government bodies.

Kids need to be fed and this is not just a health issue but an economic problem as well. That means that Filipinos, including local businesses, must take responsibility and do what we can to help. All Food Asia Inc. rose to the challenge and acknowledged their corporate social responsibility.

ALFA worked with Maguikay Elementary School and organized a feeding program for the schoolkids. As one of the leading distributors of temperature-controlled meat products in the Philippines, they understand the importance of good food. They also value and advocate synergy and integrity. Organizing feeding programs and community outreach events are definitely part of their vision mission.

The kids who participated in the feeding program had a wonderful time. They dined with their friends and enjoyed everything served on the table. Overall, it was a successful feeding program and there are plans of doing more.

Business Community Outreach – Worth the Time!

Corporate social responsibility is not just a buzzword thrown around by executives. It is important for businesses to develop a culture that revolves around this concept as it can help everyone in a company improve professionally and personally.

All Food Asia Inc. encourages everyone to participate in community outreach events, including feeding programs. This is not only good for the economy as a whole, it impacts the beneficiaries on a profound level. The smiling faces and full bellies of the Maguikay Elementary School students are proof of that.